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animation design

Guzhen Lighting Fair OCT. 2023

Nov.16  2023

Product video demo. In this case, we choosed one simple product and showed something different than usual.

Aug.12 2023

3D+ Reality. We shoot film and use 3D technology to make it more scientific and good looking.

JUL. 28 2023

Both 3D rendering animation and physical shooting animation are in our service list. This is a live record of our product shooting with a macro lens today.

JUL. 25 2023

To deliver the positive aspects of a company. We were shouting publicity for a local factory today. It was a tired day. But we were really happy. We love this kind of things. It is not only a job. It is interesting.

JUL. 13 2023

It is Guangzhou Lighting Show 2023
We send designers to shoot videos for our clients for free. In this exhibition, we have over 100 clients attended the show and won great success.

JUN. 14 2023

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